• Continuity in quality 
  • Priority in cleaning, hygiene, workers health 
  • Systematic and trusted work 
  • Understanding toward Costumers 
  • Quality in raw materials 
  • Professional and well prepared stuff 
  • Amicable culture 
  • Continuously opened to progress 
  • Tasty foods 
  • Diversified cooking

Our aim is to be successful. To satisfy our costumers requests in every case with a high quality. With a contemporary technology our cooking sector personnel do their best for a contemporary service. Excluding the fact that nutrition is only for being saturated, we cook according to the best and the most healthy ways of cooking.

For a high quality in catering we are based on some topics:

Well prepared personnel and qualitative products. We pay attention to production and expiry date. Preparation, cooking and serving are all done with the most accuracy and according to hygienic rules. Our certified personnel helps us be willing to changes that time can bring.

For a continuous contact and accurate service we organize weekly and monthly meetings with our personnel.

Here, simultaneously in daily production, we keep a small amount of each cooking to maintain them for 72 following hours. This is done to control every cooking that is served in case of any possible doubt.

Hygiene: First of all we care about the basic elements of hygiene. In the cooking areas we wear the wall surfaces with plates. In the working time our personnel must have: Barret on their heads, gloves on their hands and mask to close up the mouth and nose areas of their faces. If they don’t apply those fundamental hygienic rules,it won’t be any Elevenpark Restaurant & Catering.



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