Despite the delicious taste and healthy cooking our menu contains vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, fats useful for the body. Our specialized staff take care of everything so that our products are ready to be served.

Our staff’s responsibility is to make sure that workers take care of the taste and the health that this product guarantees.

Our food production stuff, hygiene and service made to reach the standards, increase the production.

We care about health: In the ambiences we serve such as firms, and companies; our production stuff make periodic tests, instructed by specialists, to create a graceful working place.

In production areas and production, according to international hygienic standards, we care and aim to cook not only some food to satiate but a healthy and tasty one. It’s obvious that in cooking, if it’s not paying attention to the quality, after a certain time those cooking may be a threat for peoples health. That is why are careful in choosing the safest ingredients from the most qualitative firms.

Sanitary hygiene rules in production:

  • The entrance with outer clothing is not allowed in working areas. 
  • Workers must not exit the working areas with the uniform 
  • Personal well- treatment is a must 
  • Workers must use slippers, gloves, masks and barretts while working 
  • Those which shouldn’t be applied, we do not apply 
  • Those which should be applied, we apply 

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