Elevenpark Restaurant & Catering started its activity in 2012 in Vienna:

  • 14 years of experiences from the General Director of the company
  • 2 production centers with an area of 2800 m2  in Vienna
  • Possible up to 9500 tabldot a day 
  • Distributes food to over 8 institutions 
  • One chef food engineer, 4 food technics, foodstuff specialists and service personnel.

Elevenpark Restaurant & Catering is open to changes. Respectable to people around us, supporting and capable working in groups. Trusted and respectable Elevenpark is one of the first sectors in Austria that keeps growing giving priority to trust and fairness feelings. Our company keeps confirming itself by guaranteeing foodstuff, distribution etc.

We believe we have positive follow-up from our costumers. In working areas our priorities are the working principles.



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