For Elevenpark Restaurant & Catering Education system is very important. People do what they are able to do, but if they know the reason why they are doing one thin and how they want to do that, then they do it with the heart. Elevenpark Restaurant & Catering is one […]

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    VISION A good teamwork, endless service, satisfying results. Elevenpark Restaurant & Catering guarantees for salubrity.   MISSION Applying the latest technology and fulfilling the international standards, we serve our costumers with a high quality, that is what makes us stronger toward competitors. Especially for the peoples good our company makes […]

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    Quality for a serious company like us has a special meaning. Elevenpark Restaurant & Catering is addicted to quality in work and it gives a big importance to the guarantee of the products. For a guaranteed product the most important thing is the selection of the ingredients. For this Elevenpark […]

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    Our kitchens working equipments are: Stainless big working table Convectional ovens Freezer Closets that keep the products fresh Separate working rooms 365 days menu defined with portions and its calories Airing system Microbiological specified controlled using water In working equipments it is paid attention.

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    Service sector unconditionally did what had to be done to make our firm become a large company in the shortest time required. During food production we seriously consider the official menus and wishes of our costumers. Our qualified personnel and specialist chefs have satisfied the costumers in every place they […]

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    Natural resources and products use: Controlled food and diminution of surpluses   Planned investments in environmental factors Preparing for environmental development By applying the law and by making progress in environmental themes we call it ‘’ Environmental Policy’’  

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    Elevenpark Catering started its activity in 2012 in Vienna: Elevenpark Catering is open to changes. Respectable to people aruond us, supporting and capable working in groups. Trusted and respectable Elevenpark is one of the first sectors in Austria that keeps growing giving priority to trust and fairness feelings. Our company keeps confirming its […]

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    Our aim is to be successful. To satisfy our costumers requests in every case with a high quality. With a contemporary technology our cooking sector personnel do their best for a contemporary service. Excluding the fact that nutrition is only for being saturated, we cook according to the best and […]

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    Despite the delicious taste and healthy cooking our menu contains vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, fats useful for the body. Our specialized staff take care of everything so that our products are ready to be served. Our staff’s responsibility is to make sure that workers take care of the taste and […]

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